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Really Advanced Books

For kids who play regularly for a Chess Club and haved played in competitive tournaments for several years.

  • 1001 Deadly Checkmates
    The executing move is what all games build to, and strategy aims for this moment. "1001 Deadly Checkmates: Solve the Puzzles and Measure Your Skill!" is a guide to getting to that all elusive checkmate.
    NZ$ 27.83
  • 101 Chess Endgame Tips
    Popular chess author Steve Giddins presents 101 ideas that are vital to successful endgame play. By absorbing and understanding these concepts and methods, you will ensure that you will spot them when they are possible in your own games.
    NZ$ 23.80
  • 50 Essential Chess Lessons
    Steve Giddins has chosen 50 supremely instructive games – some old, some new, and including many that few readers will have seen before.
    NZ$ 24.39
  • Chess Endings Made Simple
    In this book, Ian Snape helps them to tackle endgames with more confidence, so that they look forward to playing them, and are more willing to simplify when this is the best course of action.
    NZ$ 19.75
  • Chess Strategy in Action
    John Watson fleshes out the theory presented to enormous acclaim in Secrets of Modern Chess Strategy and extends it into new areas.
    NZ$ 36.05
  • Chess Training for Budding Champions
    This book is aimed at chess-players who have progressed beyond beginner level and have acquired the basic skills required to play at club level, but need guidance to improve their understanding of chess. It is based on the training program that Hall himself followed when he was an up-and-coming player.
    NZ$ 25.23
  • Dynamic Pawn Play in Chess
    This book tackles fundamental questions such as: 'How should pawns be used to fight for the centre?' and 'How does the central pawn formation affect planning for both sides?' These issues are central to understanding chess.
    NZ$ 24.78
  • FCO: Fundamental Chess Openings
    The book has similar characteristics to Watson's Mastering the Chess Openings, except that it's much broader and less deep. It's far less selective and sophisticated than Watson, but it's not superficial at all given the target audience.
    NZ$ 39.22
  • Fundamental Chess Endings
    In a major event in chess publishing, two German endgame experts have produced a masterly one-volume encyclopedia that covers all major endgames. This is the first truly modern one-volume endgame encyclopedia.
    NZ$ 34.54
  • Garry Kasparov's Greatest Chess Games, volume 1
    Garry Kasparov has dominated the chess world for more than twenty years. Igor Stohl has selected 74 of Kasparov’s best and most instructive games from 1973 to 1993, and annotated them in detail.
    NZ$ 43.25
  • Grandmaster Chess Move by Move
    A collection of John Nunn's best games from 1994 to the present day, annotated in detail in the same style as the best-selling Understanding Chess Move by Move.
    NZ$ 22.51
  • How to Become a Deadly Chess Tactician
    LeMoir shows that the key factors in becoming a deadly tactician are motivation, imagination, and calculation. This user-friendly and humorous book contains many outstanding examples of seized opportunities, together with guidance on how to spot surprising tactics.
    NZ$ 28.87
  • How to Calculate Chess Tactics
    Here, experienced trainer Valeri Beim explains how to use intuition and logic together to solve tactical problems in a methodical way. He also offers advice on when it is best to calculate ‘like a machine', and when it is better to rely on intuitive assessment.
    NZ$ 25.59
  • How to Defend in Chess
    Many books discuss how to attack in chess, but resourceful defensive play is also a vital ingredient in competitive success. This is an area largely neglected in the literature of the game.
    NZ$ 31.02
  • Mastering the Chess Openings, volume 1
    This volume, focusing on king's pawn openings, is a book that will make chess-players think hard about how they begin their games, while offering both entertainment and challenging material for study in openings such as the Sicilian and Ruy Lopez.
    NZ$ 33.11
  • Mastering the Chess Openings, volume 2
    This volume, focusing on queen's pawn openings, is a book that will make chess-players think hard about how they begin their games. It also offers both entertainment and challenging study material in openings such as the Nimzo-Indian, King's Indian and the entire Queen's Gambit complex.
    NZ$ 33.42
  • Mastering the Chess Openings, volume 3
    This third volume focuses on the English Opening while also drawing together many threads from the first two books in a wide-ranging discussion of general opening topics.
    NZ$ 30.32
  • Mastering the Chess Openings, volume 4
    This final volume draws together many themes in a wide-ranging discussion of general opening topics. By looking at familiar situations from new angles, Watson helps us greatly increase our understanding of them. In the process, he covers a wide variety of opening structures and variations not seen in the earlier volumes and presents a great wealth of original analysis.
    NZ$ 30.77
  • Secrets of Modern Chess Strategy
    John Watson's book fulfils the need for a thorough, profound work on the modern handling of chess positions, and how Nimzowitsch's theories - still controversial and revolutionary at the time My System was written - have been refined and used alongside classical concepts.
    NZ$ 33.15
  • Secrets of Positional Chess
    By discussing carefully-chosen games and positions, Marovic explains how to recognize good and bad features of positions, and how to make use of one's advantages and exploit the opponent's weaknesses.
    NZ$ 18.32
  • The Seven Deadly Chess Sins
    In this thought-provoking and entertaining book, Jonathan Rowson investigates, in his inimitable style, the main reasons why chess-players sometimes go horribly astray.
    NZ$ 28.62
  • Understanding Chess Move by Move
    Virtually every move in this book is explained using words that everyone can understand. Jargon is avoided as far as possible. Almost all the examples are taken from the 1990s and show how key ideas are handled by the grandmasters of today.
    NZ$ 26.39
    NZ$ 24.44
  • Vishy Anand: My Best Games of Chess New Edition
    Crystal-clear explanations of grandmaster tactics and strategies from which players of all abilities can learn. Anand annotates the finest and most interesting games from his career.
    NZ$ 26.99

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