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PO Box 167
North Island
New Zealand
0800 424 377
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About this site

Chess City provides high quality Chess merchandise for the NZ market - books, chess sets, clocks, gifts and a lot more!

Chess City is run by Chess Power. Chess Power is an exciting company that encourages children to play and enjoy Chess. The team at Chess Power recognise learning and playing Chess has a number of benefits for kids. We started Chess City to provide the equipment kids need to learn chess well.

Our books section provides the best recommendations from years of coaching experience, broken into beginner books, intermediate books, advanced books and really advanced books. We have carefully scrutinised every book in this collection, so you know if you purchase a book from Chess City it will help your chess a lot!

Our clocks are sourced from the world's leading provider of digital game technology, DGT.

We only sell one chess set - the set that Chess Power uses for all their chess tournaments. We use this set because it has been built to last, it is virtually unbreakable, easy to recognise the pieces, has high contrast colours and is even washable!

And our cool stuff - well it is just really cool. Awesome badges, colourful rating wristbands and of course the Chess Champs Legends card game which we created.

At Chess City, we are always on the lookout for awesome Chess products that help kids learn so we will be busy adding new products that we think are worthwhile. If you find something you think we should sell, please contact us and let us know!

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