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Pouch Demo Board - 67cm (Yellow & Brown pieces)

Pouch Demo Board - 67cm (Yellow & Brown pieces)
The Pouch Style Chess Demonstration Set is extremely easy to use, quick to set up and change positions. The perfect companion for teaching chess ideas and conducting game analysis.
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NZ$ 55.00
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This demo board features 7cm squares and comes with large brown and yellow pieces that are easy to see from a distance.

This is a pouch style which means the pieces slide into an invisible plastic pouch at the front of each square. The pieces are easy to hold in the hand, whilst you use your other hand to move the pieces around on the demo board. After teaching thousands of students over 13 years, in our our opinion, the pouch style is the easiest to use and the most effiecient of all demo boards.

Two wooden dowels give the board support at top and bottom while a strong cord allows it to be hung up almost anywhere.

This demo board comes with a durable nylon storage bag. It has a heavy-duty zipper closure and an adjustable handle for maximum convenience. It is the perfect way to transport and store your demonstration set!

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