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Rook Workbook

Rook Workbook
Advanced tactics and essential Pawn endgame knowledge (Advanced)
NZ$ 16.00
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These workbooks are meant to be used in a teaching environment.This workbbok covers the following key topics

  • Key squares
  • Critical Squares
  • Double attack
  • Relative pin
  • Discovered attack
  • Deflection
  • Decoy

The check-mating tatics include Scholar's mate, Damiano's mate, Greco's Mate, Anastasia's Mate and more. All should be known to outwit your opponent effectively.

Workbook includes excercises and examples for you to develop your skills with using the Rook. Work book is written by one of Chess Power's coaches; Christoph Thurner who placed 5th in the NZ Blitz champs in 2008 and has been coaching for several years. 

Exam papers are sent to where they get marked and if the student has passed a personalized Diploma will be emailed out.

Databases with the puzzle solutions are provided for Bishop, Rock and Queen workbooks.

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